By now, everyone is aware of smart home technology. Security cameras, smart locks, doorbell video, smart lighting, smart appliances, and more give landlords and renters alike better security, lower power bills, as well as more control over their daily lives. Which smart home technologies should be placed in rental properties? What are their benefits to landlords and renters?


Smart Locks Or Keyless Entry

Landlords can stop break-ins in addition to preventing renters from locking themselves out of the house or apartment by using smart locks. These use wireless technology or WiFi to open a door using a passcode on a smartphone. Keyless entry uses a series of numbers punched into a keypad to open doors.

Renters won’t worry they’ve forgotten or lost their keys. Landlords won’t pay locksmiths to let renters into the house or apartment. Home invaders won’t have the passcode, so they’ll move on to the next house. Bonus: both systems are reasonably priced.


Doorbell Cameras

These days, many areas are high-crime areas. Landlords can get around this by using doorbell cameras. An alert sounds on your or the renter’s smartphone. Both can access the app to see who’s at the door. If this person doesn’t belong there, the cops are just a call away.

Doorbell cameras are a good idea when the property is vacant. Renters with kids feel better when they know the kids are inside and the door is locked. Home invaders are becoming adept at getting around technology, so foiling them is the smartest thing landlords can do.


Smart Thermostats

Landlords paying the utility bills included in the rent benefit more from smart thermostats than renters. Simply agree on the right temperature, set the thermostat, and your power bill won’t explode. Landlords will know when no one is home, and can adjust the thermostat accordingly, or set it to turn on when someone is home.


Water Detectors

Flooded basements and leaky pipes are expensive to repair. Landlords have enough to worry about without the risk of mold and mildew from water that shouldn’t be there. Moisture detectors, for a small price, will alleviate these worries and/or repairs.


Smart Security

Motion sensors, night vision cameras, and voice capability are connected to Alexa or Google. These are reasonably priced and protect your property from home intruders.