Avraham Glattman

Real Estate

Avraham-Glattman-NYCAvraham Glattman is a successful business man in the industry of Real Estate. Avraham has been working in Real Estate in New York City for over 20 years and has his own Real Estate business, First American Properties Group. He and his long time business partner, Pete Jacov, have properties in several boroughs, such as Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, including Harlem. Their properties are both commercial and residential.

Avraham Glattman received both his Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Business from Newport University. These two degrees have helped Avraham Glattman become the successful business man that he is today. While he started as an agent in Real Estate, Avraham has gained tons of experience in the industry along the way.

Being a strong advocate for buying property in areas that he believes are up and coming in terms of value and popularity, Avraham Glattman has recently bought a decent amount of property in Harlem. Avraham predicts that Harlem will win in New York Real Estate this year. Harlem is a great place for individuals moving to New York City to reside in, as well as NY natives to relocate to. Still part of Manhattan and containing a multitude of subway lines, Harlem is convenient and full of character. It is unique and nostalgic. There is truly something for everyone in Harlem, from the parks, to the music venues to the soul food and historic churches.

Likewise, Avraham believes that a recent shift in popularity for the Jamaica neighborhood in the New York City neighborhood of Queens is a sign of similar success, outside of Manhattan, offering opportunities to diversify the amount of developments and housing throughout the entire city. New York is seeing some of the greatest development it has seen in years, and Avraham is hoping to continue to be at the forefront of those changes. Over the last couple of years, Avraham has received consistent praise from his peers for his visionary approach to real estate, and his ability to not only predict trends but to see them through, entirely.

New York City is a very competitive, cut throat place where only the strong survive. Having a successful Real Estate business such as Avraham Glattman’s First American Properties Group says a lot about the type of person he is. Avraham is not a quitter and he is extremely optimistic. New York City is his home, and he’s proud to have contributed to its current growth, making it a place for millions of others to call home as well.

Avraham Glattman Education

Bachelors and Masters Degree in Business from New Port University Newspaper. Reporter with “Israel Shelanu” from 1989-1991 – covered the life of the Israeli community in New York. Served 3 years in the Israeli Army from 1985-1988.