Investing in a home’s full potential in 2019 doesn’t necessarily mean spending an arm and a leg on expensive furnishings or remodeling. In fact, there are numerous ways to significantly increase a property’s value by merely focusing on a few key design elements. Here are just three great tips for improving your property’s value without breaking the bank, and why they can make a big impression on potential buyers.

  1. A First Impression with the “Wow” Factor

For most homebuyers, the first in-person impression of a house comes from a walk to the front door at the start of a visit. Interior design is important, of course, but investing in your home’s curb appeal can do wonders for increasing its value. Even if it’s just through maintaining a beautiful lawn and front garden or giving the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint, you’ll make a splash with buyers if you make their first impression of your house feel magical.

  1. Invest in Your Kitchen

To demonstrate your home’s value to potential buyers, don’t neglect to show how your kitchen fits in with their idea of a dream house. Many homebuyers view a great kitchen as a major reason to purchase a property. Even simple changes such as painting woodwork with welcoming colors or upgrading appliances can turn a kitchen into a home’s centerpiece.

  1. Create a Sense of Harmony in the Living Room

For most of us, furniture and decorations in a living room tend to be functional rather than showroom-worthy. To really wow visitors, however, we should make sure that our decorations fit into a consistent and appealing design aesthetic.

To make a home feel cozy and inviting, for example, try using curtains and furnishings with exciting and complementary color schemes. If you’re able to, find a beautiful new color of paint for your living room walls. Simple but well-chosen secondhand furniture and lamps can also create a pleasant ambiance in a living room. Remember, even small, inexpensive changes in a home’s design motif can make a huge impression with buyers!

As the best interior designers and decorators will tell you, good taste beats money when it comes to creating a gorgeous house. So put your knack for design to good use as you increase your property’s value! It may take some time and effort to create the perfect look for your home, but with the right research and a positive attitude, you’ll be sure to make a splash with potential buyers. Now that is investing in real estate at its best!