For the first time in over 49 years the pedestrian span known as the High Bridge has re-opened to pedestrians. The bridge is a pedestrian walkway connecting from 170th street in the Bronx to 173rd street in Manhattan. Everyone continues to rejoice on behalf of the bridges three year 61.8 billion dollar renovation. Residents are thrilled to walk across the bridge, not only because for the great view but because the two communities are once again connected to one another.

For example: Kids from the Bronx can now easily travel to the pool and the park on the other side in Manhattan.

A major haul for decades has now turned into a ten minute walk. In fact, residents have some concerns that now that connecting to manhattan is so accessible, (and the A/C trains just a few blocks away), developers will begin to eye the long-ignored Bronx community called Highbridge.

Lets take a look at some images. (

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