Moving can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. It can also bring about some stress and anxiety. Having a plan and checklists will help. Once the move has taken place and the moving truck pulls out of the driveway, it’s essential to prioritize what to do next.

Be Sure to Unpack the Essentials First

Unless the unpacking is already done, it will be necessary to unpack the essentials. It’s wise to get the beds set up first, so at the end of a busy moving day, there is somewhere comfortable to lay down and sleep. Getting a few groceries is also helpful. Then decide what’s essential to function. Some people may need to set up a home office first in case work needs to be done. Some people may find that setting up the kitchen and bathrooms is a priority.

Put the Utilities in the Family’s Name

One of the first things for people to check off the list is putting the utilities in their name. The real estate professional can provide the utility companies’ names and contact numbers.

Find Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals

It’s imperative to secure a new doctor, dentist, and any other medical personnel the family needs. Be sure to know where the closest urgent care and hospital emergency room are, as well.

Change of Address

Be sure to provide a change of address to everyone: family, friends, government authorities such as the social security office and IRS, credit card companies, insurance companies, and any other places where mail, bills, and packages will be sent.

Register Your Car and Register to Vote

If the family has moved to a new state, it’s essential to register the family cars and register to vote. It’s also necessary to get a new driver’s license in the new state.

Change the Locks

It’s a good idea to change the locks in the home. Sometimes the people who lived there will still have a key, or they might have given a key to their family members or neighbors. Also, change the garage door opener code if there is one.