Most of us do not realize the amount of time we spend in the bathroom. We want our bathrooms to support our daily hygiene needs and be a functional room based on the needs of our household. Since every family is different, one’s perfect bathroom is likely different than everybody else’s.


The bathroom layout is likely already prepared for you, meaning the bathtub and the toilet are already in place. This could make it tricky if you’re looking to rearrange the layout of these items. However, color scheme and decor can easily be changed and is up to the creativity of the eye of the beholder.


Let’s get started; first, is this bathroom in a hallway, or is it a master bathroom? Hallway bathrooms can withstand their own theme or color scheme. In comparison, it may be ideal to match a master bathroom with the rest of the bedroom. Once you have made the theme decision and color scheme, you can pick out fixtures that coordinate well.


To continue, aside from the towels and the curtains matching, safety is of utmost importance. As mentioned earlier, if you’re rearranging the bathroom’s plumbing, it can significantly increase the amount of money and time that goes into creating your perfect bathroom. There is no tried and true method of rearranging the bathroom, so in the end, it is whatever you create and design. Have fun designing, and allow extra time to make sure it is yours. If you want the tub in the middle of the bathroom and have the space to do so – do it! Just make sure it is safe and practical for you and your household.


Now, are you looking to be more modern and sustainable? Or antique and ethical? Whatever you decide upon, just be prepared for the difference in water expenses. Opting for a more modern design with a shower instead of a deep jacuzzi that can fit six people may be a better choice if you are on a tighter budget. A modern bathroom with a large walk-in shower and separate tub (if you still want a bathtub) is what is trending now. However, it’s your bathroom; make it your own, and have fun doing so!


Did someone say decor? Decorating the bathroom can be very fun! Whether you have children that you are designing their bathroom, or it is your own master bath. From animals to contemporary – the possibilities are endless. You do want it all to match, so make sure the doorknobs and the cabinet handles are all the same silver or gold. Adding some plants, if you have space and natural light to help, can spice up a room as well. Especially the bathroom, it may make it feel even fresher in there!


Have fun and create the unexpected, perfect bathroom for you.