As it turns out, people can attract good fortune or become doomed to bad luck based on how their home is arranged. This goes far beyond treating foul odors and replacing outdated decor. Feng shui is all about mastering the art of placement to shift the energy of a home. Here are a few universal decorating tips for maintaining a harmonious household and improving one’s fate.

Keep the Air Clean
Opening doors and windows will keep fresh air flowing throughout a home, preventing energy from getting trapped inside. But when living in highly polluted areas, people will be better off purchasing purifiers and strategically placing plants throughout their homes to keep the air in a fresh state.

Get a Plant
Plants are the perfect way to improve air quality and invite health and harmony by way of nature. While all living plants represent life, bamboo, jade, and ferns are a few of the ones that will bring about the most chi energy. Just be sure to care for them properly, and stay away from faux plants.

Remove Electronics
In this day and age, removing all electronics from a home doesn’t sound very appealing, but under the balancing laws of feng shui, these devices should be limited and placed in public areas, like living and dining rooms. It is not advisable to keep electronics in the bedroom as they have a way of disturbing sleep and disrupting inner peace. Try to keep these items tucked away, but never place them under the bed.

Light It Up
Darkness represents stagnant energy and sets a tone of negativity. So, if an area can go for a bit of lighting, open up some windows to invite the sun in, and invest in a lamp or two.

Clutter will only lead to more disorder both within a home and outside of it. To restore peace and order, get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose, sanitize untidy areas, and replace or remove anything that either is broken or damaged.

Feng shui isn’t about filling a home with dream catchers and going full minimalist. It is about shifting the energy of a living space to bring about good luck, healing, and relaxation.