There are few places in the world that are as exciting to visit as New York City. From its vast architecture to countless local restaurants, the city is full of incredible experiences. For many tourists that visit, it is important to find upscale, delicious food from local restaurants. Because of the city’s massive size, finding small, locally owned restaurants can be difficult to achieve. Avraham Glattman discusses three different restaurants that every tourist and resident in New York City should try out.

Don Angie
Known for their adventurous cocktails and expertly crafted Italian-American food, Don Angie offers both an incredible meal and an experience to remember. Located in the West Village, Don Angie is an intimate restaurant that is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a family celebration, or a couple’s anniversary dinner. The owner of the restaurant became interested in opening her own establishment after learning how to incorporate American cuisine with Italian cuisine.

SottoCasa Pizzeria
When in New York City, it is customary for countless tourists to search for some of the city’s best pizza, but don’t know how to choose between the many pizza places. Located in Brooklyn, SottoCasa Pizzeria offers an array of freshly made pizzas. The restaurant uses their own fire wood oven that they had created and shipped from Naples to get the most authentic taste. In addition, SottoCasa Pizzeria uses only the freshest ingredients to create the perfect pizza. The Pizzeria is known as one of the best places to get pizza in the city.

Gabriel Kreuther
Gabriel Kreuther is a French inspired restaurant that offers an array of delicious, unique french food. The restaurant is located in the heart of New York City and attracts tourists and residents alike through the incredible cuisine and charming dining room. Gabriel Kreuther has three different areas where diners can choose from, including the main dining room, the bar & lounge, and the kitchen table. Each area offers its own charm and menus. For guests who want to discover the dining room, they can choose from different types of service, which consist of the four-course prix-fixe, seven course tasting menu, or the nine course carte blanche chef’s tasting.

While SottoCasa Pizzeria, Gabriel Kreuther and Don Angie all offer a wonderful mix of cuisine that is offered throughout New York City. Each restaurant puts together unique and delicious foods that will keep any guest coming back for more. It is important to remember that when looking for a new restaurant to try in the city, confirm that the location makes sense to where you are, because of the city’s incredible size.