Spring cleaning improves your home, lifts your spirits, and helps prevent common airborne illnesses and allergic reactions. A simplified approach to your annual spring cleaning day can make the process less daunting and leave longer-lasting results.

Spring Cleaning Routine


This spring cleaning routine can be repeated several times throughout the season and continually used throughout the year as an effective way to systematically clean your home from top to bottom without burning out.




Start with the bathroom, most people’s most dreaded room to clean. Vacuum and wipe down the ceiling, including the air vent. Place towels and bath rugs into the washing machine, and clean all mirrors and any windows.


Apply cleaning supplies to the tub and shower, and allow them to soak for up to 20 minutes while you wipe down the floor.




The bulk of the day will consist of cleaning the kitchen and bedrooms. Start by tackling the biggest jobs first – cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer. Remove all of the food by placing it in a cooler before removing the appliances’ shelves and washing them in the sink. After they’ve been put back into their respective places, restock the food and turn to your other appliances.


Clean the stove, oven, and microwave before moving onto the floor and windows. Wipe down all counters, surfaces and clean any utensils and dishes that need to be cleaned.


In the bedrooms, open the windows before thoroughly vacuuming and dusting all exposed surfaces, including the ceiling, fan, and baseboards. Remove linens and place them in the washing machine. Clean any mirrors, wipe down furniture, and, if possible, shampoo or steam clean the carpet.




The last portion of cleaning will focus on the living room. A thorough dusting and vacuum followed by cleaning the upholstery will remove dust, dirt, and particles lingering in carpet fibers and fabric. Cleaning any electronics, windows and sweeping out the fireplace will complete the job.


You may remove and add on tasks as needed. Spring cleaning should give your home a sense of rejuvenation, making you feel more at ease and centered in your space. Once you’ve conducted a thorough deep-clean of your house, maintaining that level of cleanliness will also become more manageable.