Jonah Landman is the voice of BK to the fullest. I ran across his blog while searching for information on the Brooklyn Housing market. More so, how various Brooklyn natives are reacting to the new population migrating towards the borough.

According to Landman, buying in Brooklyn is a fierce process. While utilizing his wit and smarts, Jonah Landman advises his viewers on emerging neighborhoods and hidden gems in Brooklyn, NY. “Who came down from the heavens and said that is the only place worth living?” says landman in regards to places like Park Slope, Brooklyn. Granted there are tons of real estate blogs out there and plenty of people acting as liaisons between buyers and marketable deals. BK to the Fullest brings houses that sites like streeteasy, naked apartments and trulia have yet to expose to the buying and or renter’s market.

Its been about three years since Landman started blogging on his niche blog. In the three years he has done more than observe the housing market in Brooklyn, NY. Landman has also become a player of the industry. He has gradually positioned himself as a “go-to” consultant. Platinum members of his popular service pay up to $200 an hour with a 10-hour minimum for his advice on topics such as bidding strategy and history of specific properties. Jonah’s job is to connect these member to sellers or brokers, if lucky he will even connect you to them prior to the release of the listing.

According to the NYtimes, “It is a symbiotic relationship. Mr. Landman can help small brokers without flashy websites market their listings to an audience, and his clients tend to arrive without their own brokers. In that situation, the seller’s broker collects the entire commission, which can run up to 5 percent or 6 percent of the sale price, without having to split it with another broker.”