As we enter the new year, countless industries and companies are looking forward to a new wave of interest, as our society continues to evolve. This is especially true in the real estate industry, where numerous opportunities continue to exist. This year, though, we can look forward to seeing a wealth of new opportunities that everyone should keep an eye on.

Lower East Side, New York City
For those who have not visited New York City’s Lower East Side, there is a fresh, unique feel to the neighborhood that is only going to continue to grow this year. With a variety of areas to shop and newly-renovated buildings, this area may quickly become the next best place to live in the famous New York City.

Condos and Vacations Homes
With renting out homes becoming more common, with apps like Airbnb, more homeowners are using second condos or vacation homes as rentals. Short-term rentals can help boost a person’s income without having to enter a long-term commitment as some property owners do. Airbnbs in heavily populated cities can bring in quite a bit of income, especially as the cost of living increases in major cities.

Skid Row, Los Angeles
The city of Los Angeles currently has over 4 million residents across countless different neighborhoods. One area of Los Angeles that has seen its problems throughout the years is Skid Row, but some experts are keeping a close eye on the neighborhood. As a result of the low cost of living and consistent growth, Skid Row could begin to transform into an up-and-coming area of the California city.

Kansas City
While some may be surprised to learn that Kansa City, MO is emerging in the real estate market, it is hard to ignore the opportunities to invest. Kansas City has seen a substantial growth in new developments, which indicates a healthy economy and plan for expansion. The final result will be a fresh and fun atmosphere for everyone.

Avraham Glattman is a real estate broker and owner of First American Properties Group, a real estate business based in New York City, New York. To learn more about Avraham Glattman, visit