There are various reasons why a landlord might be wary of renting their property out to college students, but there are also several benefits. If you’ve never had a student tenant before and don’t know the pros and cons of renting to college students, then this will be a worthy read for you as this article discusses both sides in detail!




High and Consistent Demand

If a property is close to a college or university, it will likely have an increased demand for rental units. This is because college students anticipate renting the dormitories and apartments around the universities to save money on accommodation costs while they study.


Low Budgeted Simple Marketing

A simple marketing website or flyer designed and prepared for the property could be all that is required to ensure a successful renting out of properties to college students. Students who are currently tenants in your property could also recommend your property to their friends. These marketing strategies do not require a high marketing budget to implement.


Lower Standards by Students on Rental Units

Since college students are mostly young and have just entered adult life, they are often more open to lower standards of living than other generations who tend to be more particular about their living spaces. Therefore, this could mean that they will be less demanding and critical of their living space and thus make them easier tenants to deal with. Therefore, you don’t have to invest too much in property upgrades.




Limited Credit History

College students are usually new to the world of renting and have a minimal credit history to go by. Therefore it may be hard for landlords to assess the rental history of college students, whether they would be responsible, worthy tenants. It’s also difficult for landlords to find out if they would be able to pay on time.


Students Are Inexperienced Renters

As college students are new to renting, they may not know how to treat their rental property as a landlord would want them to. This can sometimes mean that they will make a lot of noise, mess up the property, and not clean up after themselves.


Red Tape On Student Renting

Some local regulations and standards must be met in some areas before renting out property to students. As a result, landlords are required to make an application to their local county offices to be granted the permit to rent out to students. It can be a process to get this permission, and it can be challenging if you’re not aware of what you will need.