As we prepare for the near year, it is not surprising to learn that countless Americans are thinking about investing in real estate, but may not be sure how to proceed. Whether because of lack of experience or uncertainty of the future of the real estate market, some also may be nervous to make a move into real estate investing. With that in mind, I want to provide a layout of how the real estate market is set to look in the coming year.

According to a study done of 500 global commercial real estate investors, 97% disclosed that they have plans to increase their capital allocation in real estate in 2019, indicating that the market is in a healthy state right now. In addition to a healthy outlook, investors are also finding that more construction is set to take place in the new year, which is another sign that real estate could be a good investment in the new year.

It is important to keep a couple of factors in mind when thinking about investing in real estate in 2019. To begin, it is important to note that the housing market may see some changes, as more millennials begin to flood the market to find a home to purchase. While millennials have shown that they are interested in purchasing homes, the changing spending behaviors could influence the real estate market.

Another item to keep in mind is what kind of real estate market to expect for both buyers and sellers. In a study done by Mashivor, 2019 is predicted to be a buyer’s market, meaning that buyers will see lower prices on various properties. As a result, it is possible to get some great deals on real estate in 2019. Before making any final decisions, make sure to check out all of your options in the real estate market to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

With the evidence presented, it becomes apparent that the real estate market has a high potential for next year. From more plans to invest in real estate from investors to a new generation flooding the market for homes, the real estate industry could be a great option to invest in this coming year.