Experts are predicting real estate development will continue to rise in 2019. However, the consensus is that it will only flourish in certain areas of the country. Prices are hiking in some major cities, so where exactly are the good real estate deals in 2019?

America is in need of apartments and rental homes. Workers haven’t had any significant change in income in 10 years, and the economy is adding jobs at a snail’s pace. The big developments in 2019 will be apartment buildings and small homes. Markets are souring all across the United States. Places like Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati may benefit more from homes; places like San Diego and Boston are seeing more apartments being built.

Below are just a few locations that will see architectural growth in 2019:

Raleigh, NC
This mid-sized city is about to expand due to projected job growth in the area. Several colleges and universities are also in the area. This creates the perfect scenario for growth.

Dallas, TX
Dallas had an incredible 2018. The city doesn’t plan on slowing down in 2019 either. It has a low cost of living and a strong market for laborers. Expect great things from Dallas in 2019.

Cleveland, OH
Cleveland has the advantage of being a nearly untapped market. There are plenty of great locations in this city, meaning it is just a matter of time before a developer picks them up. The low-income area will benefit from apartment buildings.

Tampa, FL
Tampa is a beautiful city with mid-ranged housing prices. However, when you consider what you get with living in Tampa, it makes a rental property a bargain. Expect new homes to pop up in the Tampa area in 2019.

In Conclusion
Apartments are a wise investment, but you can’t go wrong with new homes either. In general, locations with stable growth are the best bet. Florida and Texas are a few of the states where growth will be seen almost statewide. Locations with big manufacturing sectors will always require new living quarters for laborers. Smaller cities are also a good investment because they have incredible locations with untapped potential. Places with low prices on homes will benefit more from new homes than apartments.