New York City is the center of big dreams and an even bigger standard of living. Many pick-up and move to NYC without properly preparing for the longevity of living in the city. There are many ways to set yourself up for success when wanting to take the plunge and move to the Big Apple.



The knowledge of how a city functions can make or break your experience living there. Picking up and moving to NYC without a detailed plan can result in you being unable to pay for daily necessities. Researching where you want to live and the accessibility that the location has will ultimately impact your New York experience.

Whether you choose to live in Manhattan, Bushwick or any other city borough, picking a spot that works for you and also your daily commute is dire when living in the city.



Yes, money is the biggest struggle when living in NYC. Rent, food, and nightlife are all huge parts of everyday life for New Yorkers. The biggest factor in living in New York City is how you are going to afford the high cost of living. Where will the money come from? A great idea to ensure your stability would be to secure a job in the city before you move there. This will allow you to have a steady income without drowning yourself in debt on a daily basis.

There are also options if you want to first move to the city and find a job. Temp agencies and restaurants are ways to get income in a short amount of time.



Preparation and income are both two big steps in your plan to take the plunge to the city. Choosing a place to live is also a major step to planning for as well. Different boroughs of the city have different price ranges for apartments and homes. A real estate agent will be able to be a great liaison for finding a place to live that is in your budget.
No matter what point in your life you are at, moving to New York City is a big decision. It can impact your financial stability and your overall well being if you do not plan ahead and create stability. New York City is an incredible place to live but if you do not manage your financial stability, it could become a stressful place to live.