Critical information and excellent customer service are vital to a successful, efficient, competitive real estate business.

Photography covers both areas as an informative, eye-catching gift for current and prospective clients. Here are a few real estate photography details to help you understand how vital a professional’s touch can be.

Bad Lighting and Angles Ruin the Imagination
In most cases, focusing on the positive is essential. While it’s true that great photos will make your home look great, it’s also important to know what could go wrong with bad images.

Think about amateur photos. Poor lighting and lens exposure lead to not only dark photos but grainy, stained, almost dirty-looking images.

Even if the actual home looks fantastic, you’re applying a filter of filth on top of something that could look great in the hands of a professional. Most people moving into new homes not only want a beautiful place to live but a fresh start.

A yellowed, grainy, faded picture doesn’t look like a fresh start. Even if the person looking at the picture knows better, the property will be less appealing.

With multiple, similar properties on the market, that picture could send your listing straight to the bottom of most people’s priority list.

Capturing Features in Fewer Photos
What are the important selling points on your property?

Do you want to show off the living room’s size and features? What about specific parts of the layout, or the amenities, furniture, or equipment included with the sale?

A good photographer can take nice pictures of each feature. A great photographer can show off multiple features in a single image with the right angles.

You can have as many pictures as you want on your real estate website, especially since file sizes are relatively low compared to the massive speeds and web host packages available these days. Still, having concise pictures is essential.

The first few images on a property’s gallery should be the most flattering and informative photos available. Additional photos can be included later, especially since many people love looking at as many pictures available.

Grabbing attention with the best photos first is key here. It’s all about intent, instructions, and experience. You need to be able to communicate with your photographer for coordinated pictures that fit your needs but guided by their expertise.

For more information about real estate photographs that elevate your listing to greater heights, contact a professional photographer, and discuss techniques to put your property in the best light possible.