Pests are such a huge menace in our homes. Every year, they cause millions worth of damage to properties, especially those made of organic material, such as wood and paper. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your house free of common pests that infest our homes during spring and summer when they are most active. Here are some strategies that are effective as far as pest control is concerned.

Sealing gaps
The first thing you should endeavor to do is evaluating your house for any slight gaps that pests may use to penetrate your home. Larger pests, such as mice, wasps, and even rats, often use tiny spaces left within the roof to enter and colonize the house. Filling these gaps with the appropriate sealant material helps keep them away.

Screen your ventilation
Most tiny pests and bugs often penetrate your house through holes that are deliberately left for ventilation. When constructing your home, it is essential to consider installing a mesh screen on every ventilation hole to prevent such bugs from crawling into the house. It is also important to inspect the ventilation screens for damage and repair them when necessary.

Thorough cleaning
Sometimes, bugs may crawl into your home and colonize without you knowing. Such bugs often prefer hiding in dark places, such as under the bed, behind wall units, or even in the kitchen where there is plenty of food. To prevent such colonization, it is crucial to do a thorough cleaning of your house every week. Vacuuming the dark places prevents such bugs and other pests from laying eggs and reproducing.

Consider preventive care
Sometimes, it is good to consider applying the necessary preventive measures and chemicals within your house to prevent bugs from multiplying. Using the right chemical product to spray your home kills even the tiniest of the pests and insects that may have crawled in.

Proper waste disposal/storage
Sometimes, pests, such as houseflies and cockroaches, are attracted to your house by leftover foods. Fruit flies are quite common in the kitchen, especially when foods like fruits are left in the open. Observing proper waste disposal and storage of foods and fruits prevents such bugs from being attracted to your house.