Packing to move is always a daunting task. In fact, studies have shown that moving is one of the top five most stressful life events. So, here are ten tips to make the process a little easier!

Get rid of things that are no longer needed or wanted. Have a garage sale, sell items on Craigslist or eBay, or donate items to charity.

Start Early
No one wants to be stuck frantically packing the night before moving day. Make sure to start early and allow extra time to get the job done. Begin at least a month before the move and pack just a few boxes a day.

Use Professional Moving Supplies
Be sure to use quality, professional packing supplies, and have ample amounts of boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and plastic stretch wrap. Don’t forget scissors, tape, markers for writing on boxes, bungee cords, and a dolly or hand truck.

Pack By Room
Pack each room separately to avoid mixing items from different rooms in one box. Having boxes with contents from only a single room will make it easy to unpack when each box can be sorted into its proper room.

Keep Fragile Items Safe
Have plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap on hand to wrap breakable knick-knacks, dishes, or picture frames. Wrap items tightly in bubble wrap and place packing paper between items in boxes. Pack each box tightly to ensure objects won’t bounce around inside and break.

Use Stretch Wrap
For items that have to be deconstructed to move, such as some pieces of furniture, use plastic stretch wrap to gather all parts together and keep them from becoming separated or lost. For items that have small screws or other hardware, pack screws in a ziplock back and tape the bag to the furniture.

Save Space
Fill up large pots and pans with spices, dish towels, and other small items to save space.

Keep Things Clean
To ensure toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other liquid items won’t leak during transit, remove the lid, use a piece of plastic wrap to cover the opening, and put the top back on.

Change Address Early
Submit a change address request a week before moving to prevent any disruption of mail or package delivery. Submitting a change of address request is easy to forget after the move, so make sure to do it early!

Find Moving Day Essentials Easily
Pack everything needed on moving day into a clear storage container to make it easier to find things when you need them. Items you might want to include in this container would be things like cleaning supplies, a box cutter, and toilet paper that will come in handy.