Wherever you are in the world, some places offer more affordable housing for a family. Here is a list of some of the top cities for finding an affordable home and what can be found with those locations. This article will help guide your decision on where to purchase your next home or apartment.

1) Jacksonville, Florida

Finding an affordable family home in Jacksonville is possible, and it has one of the lowest rates for families finding quality housing. This city offers a high amount of housing with low prices but also provides a good education system. This southern Florida city is close to the ocean, and residents enjoy spacious condos and smaller homes from which to raise their families.

This city also has some of the highest test scores in Florida. It is a good place for families who have decided to relocate and start over but don’t have the finances to work. Housing ranges from $100,000 up to $300,000, making this one of the best cities for finding an affordable family home.

2) St. Louis, Missouri

This city offers a diverse culture, and people can enjoy numerous outdoor activities available in the area and in urban locations such as the Central West End, an arts district in St. Louis where residents can frequent many different types of restaurants and coffee shops. This city has a high affordability rating that is why it ranks so high on the list.

3) Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore also has low housing costs, and this city is close to three major airports, which makes living here convenient for many families who are relocating in and out of town often. Many diverse races in Baltimore make up the population of this city. People who live here enjoy the cost of living and Baltimore’s culture, whether it be gallery openings or special exhibits at the art museum.

4) Birmingham, Alabama

This city has a slower pace and less traffic than the other major areas in this state, but it remains an affordable city to live in. The cost of living is very low, making this city a great place to purchase or rent a home for families with children.

5) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City offers new housing options and older homes that have been updated and affordable for people to purchase. This small-town feel city has affordable universities that are close to the city and offer many opportunities for families who want a good education for their children.

6) Omaha, Nebraska

This city offers a slower pace of living that may appeal to some people looking to relocate and offers a big town feel with great restaurants and outdoor activities that many will enjoy. Families with children will also enjoy the fact that this city offers a large school district and smaller schools where students can get more individualized attention.