As most people know by now, New York City has become notorious for their beautiful, but at times, expensive real estate. The city continues to grow in size, with over 8.5 million residents currently residing there. In past years, the city struggled to find living quarters for every resident, but in recent times, has seen a positive trend. Knowing this, what areas should one be looking for when shopping for a home or apartment?

Brooklyn, New York
With updated properties and a revamped look, Brooklyn is on track to become one of the most popular areas to live in New York City. According to HomeVestors Franchises, Brooklyn’s neighborhoods continue to be an attraction. For example, Sheepshead Bay offers a diverse population among appealing restaurants and homes for sale. Additionally, the neighborhood has become known for its family-style homes and welcoming feeling for all residents.

Queens, New York
In recent years, Queens, New York has become one of the more sought after areas among New York City. With more affordable housing and convenient location by Manhattan, it does not come as a surprise to learn that Queens neighborhoods are in high demand. As HomeVestors Franchisees mentions, the neighborhoods include good school, convenient transportation, and much more. Because of its growing popularity, residents should take a look at the options before they are no longer available.

Harlem, New York
Contrary to popular belief, Harlem continues to grow as an appealing area to live in. The housing continues to be more affordable than many of the other areas in New York City but continues to grow in popularity. In 2017 alone, Harlem saw a 4% increase in the number of renters they have. Additionally, some of the properties for sale can be up to 15% more affordable than other areas, but because of these incredible prices, it is important to jump on opportunities before they are gone!

New York City’s vast area and neighborhoods provide residents choices when looking for a home. As the city continues to grow, so will the demand for Brooklyn, Queens, and Harlem homes, making it more important than ever to check their neighborhoods out.